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Exclusive: New head of Army kept cowboy belt worn by Saddam Hussein's son as a trophy

09 May 2018 The Daily Telegraph

The new head of the army has a prized possession from his time with the SAS - a black studded cowboy belt that belonged to Saddam Hussein’s son.

Lt Gen Mark Carleton-Smith regularly wore the belt, which had a big metal buckle and would have looked  “incongruous on anyone outside Texas”, a former SAS colleague told the Daily Telegraph.

At his leaving do from the special forces, Lt Gen Carleton-Smith revealed the belt’s previous owner had been Uday Hussein, Saddam’s oldest son and infamous for his brutality.

Yesterday, Lt Gen Carleton-Smith was announced as the new chief of the general staff, succeeding  General Sir Nick Carter, who has been promoted to head of the armed forces.

Gordon Brown and Mark Carleton-Smith in Afghanistan


Lewis Whyld

Until now, Lt Gen...

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