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No one can threaten election commission: CE Abdullah

14 May 2018 1TV News

No one has the right to threaten election commission members, Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah warned Monday.

The remarks come a day after acting head of secretariat of Independent Election Commission quit, citing fraud concerns after the IEC allowed use of copy of identity papers while registering voters.

Chairing the regular ministerial council meeting, Abdullah said that the IEC members are complaining that they are being threatened and being coerced to make decisions.

“Violence and threatening someone in IEC to quit is never acceptable,” Abdullah said.

“No one has the right to bring IEC’s independence into question. Some will become candidates and they would pressure the commission. This is not acceptable to the Afghan people,” Abdullah said.

The official said that four IEC members had opposed use of copy of identity paper while registering to vote.

Abdullah said that people “will no longer allow their votes to be played with.”

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