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Takhar residents protest against electricity breakdown

15 May 2018 Salam Watandar

TALUQAN (SW): Hundreds of Takhar residents on Tuesday staged protest against electricity breakdown in the province.

The protesters blamed the provincial administration for alleged failure in re-connecting the 220V power transmission line uprooted by the Taliban. Urging the government to swiftly resume power supply, the protesters warned to continue with the protests. 

The protesters also warned to denounce provincial administration and boycott the voter registration drive if power supply is not resumed.

At the end, a ten-point resolution was adopted that also demanded collecting weapons from illegally armed men, and construction of Mawarai Kokcha and Taluqan City road.

Meawhile, Sunat Taimuri, spokesman for the provincial governor, has said a security operation is in sight for Kunduz’s Aq Tash district that would help restore power supply to Takhar.

It is worth noticing the Taliban disconnected power supply to Takhar by cutting the transmission line in Aq Tash.


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