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Mr. Ibrahimi pay back AFN 54 million

15 May 2018 Salam Watandar



KABUL (SW): Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi, speaker of the Wolesi Jirga (lower house) has been pushed in a fresh social media campaign to pay back AFN 54 million he had allegedly embezzled. 

Organizers of this campaign acknowledge the fact that rampant corruption is taking place all over the country, but since Ibrahimi has confessed to have embezzled this amount, he should return it to the government kitty. Last year, a media report blamed Ibrahimi, and Khudai Nazar Nusrat, head of the WJ Secretariat, for being involved in a scam.

Ibrahimi reportedly confessed of the crime, and vowed to pay back the AFN 54 million.

Mujib Zia is one of the campaigners behind ‘Pay Back 54 million’. He told Salam Watandar, Ibrahimi is a public representative, and the head of a respect institution, and he should restore people’s confidence by paying back the amount.

Irfanullah Irfan, secretary of the WJ, has criticized the campaign against Ibrahimi. He stressed the mobilizers behind this campaign should have first gathered information on this matter. The WJ secretary clarified the amount has not been utilized by Ibrahimi, instead it was used for the security affairs of the house. Irfan said the former security chief of the house, Ghafar Gorzang, should be approached for clarification.

Salam Watandar wished to have the views of the WJ speaker and head of the WJ Secretariat, but repeated calls were not responded.

Prior to this, Humayon Humayon, deputy speaker of the house, had shared evidence on corruption in the WJ with the Attorney General’s Office, but no actions are seen in the public on this matter.


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