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Professional, trained ANP plays effective role in improving security

16 May 2018 National Radio TV of Afghanistan

The recent changes in MoI are expected to create practical effects in reduction of insecurities throughout the country particularly capital city. Addressing a special occasion on introducing of newly appointed authorities, minister of interior affairs Wais Ahmad Barmak said, current situation and unlimited challenges before ANP required a series of changes to take place in MoI. These newly appointed authorities would be working in a probational period of three to six months and then after assessment of their achievements, their mission would be extended.

Based on MoI structure, the 303th zone includes eastern and central provinces of Paktya, Khost, Ghazni and Bamyan while the 808th zone include Kunduz, Takhar, Baghlan and Badakhshan provinces.

According to minister Barmak, the new appointments have taken place after a long three months process and separate assessment of background of each one of these individuals.

He added, in the field of fortifications, for construction of checkpoints and standard stations, multi-million Afghani have been invested but misappropriated and violators and perpetrators have been introduced to attorney general office. Bribery and allurement no longer exist in MoI. If we learn you are involved in corruption, we would not be with you and don’t support you.

Barmak added, the new authorities are accountable for money they receive from MoI under any name.

Touching the prior deals with food contractors and other requirements of ANP, Barmak emphasized that this situation is no more acceptable and must change. A clear plan has been prepared for registration of actual ANP soldiers by MoI and the layout of imaginary police must be collected from this ministry. Since a while the MoI has undertaken a series of reformatory programs to have achievement in ensuring security and uprooting of corruption in this administration.  As part of executive branch, ANP cannot be careless in people hardship and grievance. ANP immediately follow, detect and detains suspects and criminals. ANP is never proud of its position in society. It never use force or abuse its authority against people and society. Good ethic and honesty and trustworthiness is ANP big commitment and a lofty goal. Police is servant of society and violation in its assigned jobs are considered as corruption and even national tradition.

ANP makes efforts to perform on time practical and professional steps in order people believe in ANP and be mobilized. Our people expect to have a capable, professional and beloved polite ANP. People want their security problems be removed and have a clear vision on peace and security in existence of a knowledgeable and responsible police. Our people are in urgent need of security and rule of law. Being a police doesn’t only mean to wear an ANP uniform and attend a job, but it requires good, professional performance and accountability before people. In lack of a reliable security we cannot achieve socio-economic justice.

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