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Afghan government apologizes over Dasht-i-Archi airstrike

16 May 2018 1TV News

Afghan government has apologized over an airstrike that killed also civilians in Dashti-i-Archi district of northern Kunduz province last month.

The apology was offered by President Ashraf Ghani who met with families of civilian victims of the strike.

The victim families demanded legal actions against perpetrators of the strike, according to a statement issued by the president’s office.

The president said that he had instructed the defense minister to be more precise in air operations to avoid such incidents, the statement said.

He said that the Afghan government apologizes for the incident and vowed to build a monument and a mosque in the area of the strike.

“The difference between intrigants and a legal government is that the legal government apologizes for mistakes made against the nation,” the president said.

The president emphasized on the need for peace. He said that if the Taliban think that they have popular support, they should participate in electoral process and stop killing people.

He said that warfare has principles, but the Taliban are not obeying them and carry out attacks on mosques, women, children and public facilities.

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