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Taliban close down schools in Takhar

16 May 2018 Salam Watandar

TALUQAN (SW): The Taliban in Takhar closed down six schools against the arrest of one of their shadow officials in the province.

Khalil Aseer, spokesman for the police in the province, informed the Taliban have closed down these schools in Yangi Qala district against the arrest of their shadow chief for the directorate of education.

Among the six closed down schools include 3 high-schools and three middle-schools located in Keldaash and Eshan Abad areas.

Sami Abdyar, chief for the directorate of education, informed Salam Watandar the Taliban have also taken away registration files from these schools, and have also warned officials in Khawaja Bahauddin and Yangi Qala districts to close down the schools.

A well-placed source informed the Taliban have issued similar warnings to the directorates of education in five districts of the province.

However, the provincial administration has vowed not to bow down to the Taliban’s pressure tactics, and would re-open the schools without freeing the Taliban leader from prison.

A while ago, the Taliban forced schools’ administrations across the province to push the government to release the Taliban shadow chief for the directorate, Amir Mohammad Muzmil.


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