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Hojat Rahimi

12 Jun 2018 National Radio TV of Afghanistan

Hojat Rahimi (born 31 August 1990) is an Afghan and Iranian pop singer and classical musician. He previously emigrated to Italy and he currently resides in Sweden. [1][2]

Early life[edit]

Hojat was born in Ahwaz, Iran but his nationality is Afghan. Rahimi’s father is from Kabul, Afghanistan and his mother is from Ahwaz, Iran. Hojat is the family’s oldest child. He has two brothers, Vahdat Rahimi and Benyamin Rahimi, as well as a sister, Nazanin Rahimi.

Hojat has his own studio and he works as a music producer for many Afghan and Iranian singers. In addition to this, he is writing a book about music theory and Solfège. Hojat graduated from Iranian and Italian Bari University. [3]


He worked at Khuzestan tv and radio. He was also working as a music-teacher (Solfège and Piano) at a music academy with master Hooshang Jafarzadeh in Ahwaz. Later he moved to Afghanistan and was offered work as a master of music at Afghanistan National Institute of Music. Afterwards, he worked at Tolo TV Barbud Production from 2008 to 2011.

Rahimi worked at Radio & Television (the official broadcaster of Iran and Afghanistan). He released his first cassette album, Yasaman(‘Gardenia’), an instrumental music album where he played piano, in 2005, and in 2006 he released the album CheBegam (“What can I say?”), which included a number of collaborations. The follow up album was Valentine. He wrote the soundtrack for and appeared in the movie Az Man Chera Miranji (“Why do you bother me?”), a best-seller in Afghanistan in 2011.

Hojat emigrated to Italy where he joined Radio TV Media Italia. His first song published in Italy was “Jafa Makon” (‘Do not beaten’) followed by “Hamdeli” (‘Peace’). In 2013, he released “To ba Man bodi” (‘You are with me’) with his brother Vahdat Rahimi.

Later he moved to Sweden where he formed a studio/production in partnership with Vahdat who is a video director.[4] He is writing a book about music Music theory and Solfage. Hojat and Vahdat have worked with Afghani singer Farhad Darya. Hojat Rahimi is the first author of music books in Afghanistan in 2018.[5][6][7]


Az Man Chera Miranji



Solo albums[edit]


Album No

Album Name





Yasaman- یاسمن





Chi Begam- چی بگم


What can I say ?



Dele Varagh Varagh- دل ورق ورق


Broken Heart



Valentine- والنتاین





Az Man Chera Miranji- از من چرا میرنجی

Pop Classical

Why do you bother me



Live Piano – پیانوکلاسیک




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