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18 security forces killed in Taliban’s attacks in Badakhshan

13 Jun 2018 Salam Watandar

FAIZABAD (SW) – Local officials in Badakhshan confirmed on Wednesday as many as 18 security forces got killed in the Taliban’s attacks on check posts in Jurm district.

Abdullah Naji, member of the provincial council, informed the Taliban rebels took advantage of the ceasefire declared by the government, and caught the security forces unprepared for the assault.

The commander for the Afghan Local Police (ALP) in Jurm district, Mohammad Razaq, informed the attack began at around 02:00 am and continued till 07:00 am. He confirmed 18 security forces got killed and three got wounded while 8 Tajik Taliban rebels were also killed by the security forces.

The unilateral ceasefire by the government has been criticized for providing opportunity to the rebels to stage such attacks.


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