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Editorial: A peacefully Eid in the offing

13 Jun 2018 Afghanistan Times

The upcoming Eid- al-Fitr will be the most peacefully ever since 2001 after Taliban group announced ceasefire for the first time, reciprocating government’s move. The Taliban ordered their fighters to cease operations during Eid holiday period. This is unprecedented as there have been many offers of temporary ceasefire by the government over the past decades but none have yielded positive response. But utterly change attitude appeared after Taliban followed the government suits and there will be no fighting during three days of Eid. Accepting ceasefire also exhibited the willingness of the Taliban group to shun violence by nodding to the Afghan-owned and Afghan-lead peace and reconciliation process.  Time will prove this, but at least no bullet will be fired by the both sides, showcasing the value of Eid. Muslim around the surface of the world celebrate Eid days overwhelmingly. In Afghanistan, we celebrate Eid widely with having three days national holiday. Its happy days for all Muslims and exerts all-out efforts to make it further exciting by going to relatives and friends homes to greet them Happy Eid Days, as well as to host them in his/her houses. Also carry other activities such as arranging picnic programs or other festivals to use three days holiday in best manner. Besides that cleaning all house and make it looks new because relatives will come to visit them on Eid. Buying new clothes, shoes and sandals to enjoy Eid—and also makes dry fruits which is special for Eid. Most importantly, it is especial days for children as they collect money from their parents and elderly people that known as Eidi. This day is being celebrated in a very peaceful environment with love. But the month of Ramadan that straight us toward Eid, was deadly as usual. We lost many brave security forces and innocent Afghans in different act of violence by terrorist groups. The spate of deadly attacks hit the country amid Eid ceasefire. Over 50 security forces killed in different attacks across the country. At other than, optimism outlook is circulating among Afghans over ceasefire with making their mind to roam freely in the cities as part of celebration without any fear. Afghans may, just possible, have a happier Eid than any previous years. Eid is great platform for the Taliban to understand that war is no answer to the problems. Only dialogue and negotiation is best and sole remedy left to find solution to the ongoing conflicts that takes high toll on civilians.

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