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Fake IDs Being ‘Distributed’ In Paktia Districts

15 Jun 2018 Tolo News

The Paktia Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan’s (IEC) site office on Thursday said there are reports stating fake ID cards have been distributed to people in Zazai Aryob and Samkani districts of Paktia province.

Some of the ID cards have pictures pasted on them of Iranian, Indian and Pakistani actresses, officials said.

Meanwhile, the Attorney General’s Office has said that security and intelligence agencies have arrested at least 60 people suspected of being involved in forging and distributing voter registration stickers.

“In Zazai Aryob and Samakani districts fake IDs have been distributed by the civil registration authorities which seem to be foreign nationals; we have shared our concerns with the relevant officials,” said Sher Ali Faizi, head of the public relations department of the IEC’s site office in Paktia.

“We do not have information about what you said, we don’t know whether it was distributed or not,” said Sayed Jan Bismillah, the administrative director of civil registration office in Paktia.

In response to the reports, Minister of Interior Wais Ahmad Barmak said that no one will be able to use fake IDs in the elections.

“The election commission and the civil registration authority will identify these corrupt people, I want to tell these corrupt persons that their dream will not come true,” said Barmak.

“Over 58 people have been detained on charges of the act and investigations are underway,” said AGO spokesman Jamshid Rasuli.

Recently Afghanistan Central Civil Registration Authority (ACCRA) reported that it had distributed over four million IDs in the past two months.

Following the announcement of the voter registration process schedule, ACCRA announced that they were ready to distribute around 10 million ID cards to people who do not have a Tazkira.

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