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Afghan Ulema welcome extension of ceasefire by the Afghan Government; urge the Taliban for similar act

20 Jun 2018 Government Media and Information Center

More than hundreds of Afghan senior religious scholars (Ulema) in a gathering in Kabul welcome the ceasefire by the Afghan Government and the Taliban during Eid Days which helped save the lives of many people and Afghans celebrated Eid Festival in peaceful atmosphere. During this gathering held in Kabul today, Ulema thanked the Afghan Government for extending the ceasefire and asked the Taliban to extend the ceasefire as well to pave the way for peace negotiations.These religious scholars said that after the Ulema Fetwa in a grand gathering of around 3,000 Ulema from across Afghanistan, the current way is illegitimate and cannot be justified in Islam. They called on the Taliban to accept the Afghan Ulema demands for ceasefire and peace talks with the Afghan government.Senior religious scholars Maulawi Faizan and Maulawi Mesbah speaking in this gathering said “We hope the Taliban extend the ceasefire to pave the way for peace talks to result into a permanent peace in Afghanistan. The Afghan government accepted the Ulema’s demand for ceasefire and peace. We ask the Taliban to accept the Ulema demand too.”Afghan Ulema also expressed readiness to act as mediators of peace between the government and the Taliban. According to them, peace needs sacrifices.

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