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Saudi Arabia conference urges Taliban to enter peace talks

11 Jul 2018 1TV News

A two-day conference of Islamic scholars in Saudi Arabia on Afghanistan called for direct peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban.

In a seven-point declaration following the meetings in Makkah and Jeddah, the scholars also affirmed that suicide attacks targeting innocent people, and intense killings among Muslims are all acts that are prohibited in Islam.

“We hereby express our condemnation of the intestine killings in Afghanistan and call upon all parties to the conflict to abide by Allah’s injunction, end this strife and resort to reconciliation among brothers and put down the flames of animosity,” part of the declaration said. “We call upon Afghanistan’s government and the Taliban movement to conform to a truce and ceasefire and set on track of direct Afghani negotiations.”

The declaration said that a national dialogue is the optimal way to end the conflict between the Afghan government and the Taliban, and solution to the cause of Muslim Afghans must particularly go through mutual understanding and direct peaceful negotiations.

It called on the Taliban to respond to the invitation made by the Afghan government to “eschew violence, end the mutual killings and sit together around the negotiating table.”

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