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“Not in favor of Dostum’s stay in Turkey’’

12 Jul 2018 Salam Watandar

BRUSSELS (SW) - Chief Executive Officer, Abdullah Abdullah, has said he is not opposed to the return of first vice president, Abdul Rasheed Dostum, to Afghanistan from Turkey.

He said this responding to a question by Salam Watandar on the sidelines of the NATO Summit in Brussels on Thursday. He added if there are any legal glitches hindering the return of the VP, the people should be informed about them. Abdullah said his personal view is that political figures should have the liberty to travel to the country.

Though, the official sources are not confirming reports about persecution of the VP. However, there are reports that the second vice president, Mohammad Sarwar Danish, has travelled to Turkey in a bid to reach an agreement for his return. There are reports Dostum might well return to Afghanistan next week.

 This comes as thousands of Dostum supporters have taken to the streets in a number of provinces in the north agains the arrest of Nezamuddin Qaisari, a local militia commander associated with the VP. The protesters are also demanding return to the country of the VP.

Prior to this, the Afghanistan Salvation Alliance led by Dostum, chief executive of the Jamiat-e-Islami party, Atta Mohammad Noor, and the deputy to CEO Abdullah, Mohammad Mohaqiq, vowed to bring the VP back to Afghanistan on their own.

Dotum has been in Turkey since the case of his alleged sexual abuse against one of his political rivals, Ahmad Ischi, last year.


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