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Kabul’s Underground Water Reserves 'To Dry Up Within Years'

13 Jul 2018 Tolo News

The National Disaster Management Authority (ANDMA) has warned that underground water reserves in Kabul will dry up within the next 10 years amid an increasing demand and use of water in the capital city.

Thirty-two million cubic meters of water is used from Kabul’s underground water reserves every year while the capacity of the city’s water is 29 million cubic meters in a year, head of the authority, Najib Aqa Fahim, said at a ceremony on Thursday.

There are 213,000 wells in Kabul City, he said, adding that “it is a crisis” for the residents. 

“Kabul’s underground water reserves will dry up within the next 10 years if the situation continues as it is,” Fahim said.

An official from Ministry of Energy and Water said lack of underground water in the city is highly concerning and that they want punishment of companies which are using Kabul’s waters illegally.

Statistics show that dozens of companies are utilizing Kabul’s underground water for their businesses. Officials say it is illegal. 

“We are concerned about the drop in the level of Kabul’s underground water reserves. The companies that are using the water illegally will be prosecuted,” said Asif Ghafoori, head of the office of energy and water minister.

Afshar is a water supplying company in Kabul which says one out of 10 wells from the firm is working right now while others are completely dry.

“There are 213,000 wells in Kabul and it is a crisis. An average of 1,000 liters of water is extracted from each of these wells every day,” said Ghulam Mohammad Malikyar, professional deputy head of the National Environment Protection Authority (NEPA).

Shahabuddin, 18, a farmer in Kabul’s Sarai Khwaja district, said lack of water has affected his business.

“Our well is dry. There are almost 100 wells in our village but only 10 of them have water,” Shahab said.


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