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Editorial: National solidarity is quintessential

13 Jul 2018 Afghanistan Times

Media reports on Friday were saying that the first vice president, Abdul Rashid Dostum is going to come back home after being away for a long time.The reports have quoted reliable sources close to President Ashraf Ghani that Dostum will return home on Monday from Turkey, where he is staying for nearly two years. The news of Dostum’s return come after several meetings took place between him and his colleague, second vice president Sarwar Danesh this week in Ankara who flew there to attend Turkish president’s swear-in ceremony.

Dostum’s return had become news topics many times in the past, but this time as he had face-to-face meetings with Danesh who was reported to had delivered Ghani’s message, make hopes stronger.

In a situation that our unity, stability and all political and social achievements are facing different threats from outsiders and some unwise and naïve insiders, the government, politicians and people have to work hard to cut off the meddling hands and save their great home from any possible or imminent danger.

Dostum as a national influence figure can play a key role in this regard and his absence from the country in the current situation is in favor of nobody, but our sworn enemies who are in ambush to stab the great nation of Afghanistan, by whom they (enemies) have been beaten whenever they wanted to invade Afghan’s homeland.

The recent unrest in the northern areas particularly in Faryab province can be solved through dialogues. Other sources could utterly fail. Violence gives no result except more mistrust, disunity and rift among different ethnic groups who have long lived as brothers and sisters.

Northern areas in these days are fragile as Taliban and the terrorist group of Daesh have eyes and seeking ways to infiltrate and destabilize the relative security and threaten the borders of our northern neighbors with which Afghanistan has so far kept brotherly relations.

In the current situation, we need to forget the past and trynot to call each other guilty for this or that matter. It is good news to hear that Dostum is welcomed back to his homeland and that the leaders of our country have found out that the problems will be solved not through differences, but by sitting together, listening to each other’s words, viewpoints and explaining their own ideas.The people of Afghanistan hope that the return of Dostum would be the end of unrest era and the beginning of a calm time.

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