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Taliban Closes 75 Schools In Logar, Set On Fire Two Others

14 Jul 2018 Tolo News

Taliban has closed 75 schools in Logar province – 76 kilometers in south of Kabul – in reaction to government forces’ night raids in the volatile region. 

The Ministry of Education said the move has deprived tens of thousands of students from education. 

Some of the schools closed by the Taliban are located in Mohammad Agha district and Pul-e-Alam city, the provincial capital.  

Shahpoor Arab, spokesman of Logar Education Directorate, said two schools have been burnt by Taliban in the province this week.  

“A number of armed men have set on fire two schools in Sholak village in the center of Logar. In this incident, eight classrooms and a storage of desks, chairs, doors and windows have been burnt” Arab said.  

One member of Logar Provincial Council Adalat Abdul Rahimzai said education should be kept out of military issues. 

He said Taliban has closed the schools in reaction to an increase in government forces night raids.  

Religious scholars and tribal elders are continuing their efforts to reopen the schools, he said. 

“We made contact with tribal elders and asked them to come to the council. We asked them to help in resolving the problem by holding talks with the Taliban,” Rahimzai added.  

He said 15,000 students have been deprived of education only in Mohammad Agha district.  

“Recently, problems have been created against education and our schools are being burnt and closed. This is a serious problem,” a resident of Logar said.  

"Ensuring security of schools is everyone's responsibility. If Taliban and government want to retaliate from each other, they should not fight with the schools," a resident of Logar said.  

Taliban has not commented on closure of the schools. 

This comes as new statistics by Education Directorate of Helmand show that at least 600,000 children are deprived of education in the southern province. 

Helmand has 417 schools, of which 143 have no buildings while 123 others have remained closed due to some reasons including insecurity, the statistics show.  

Helmand Education Director Daud Shah Safari said insecurity is the main challenge, adding that other problems including ‘negligence’ and inattention by former government officials, corruption, lack of development projects are other hurdles which have affected education in the province. 

President Ashraf Ghani said in March that 50 percent of schools in Afghanistan are without buildings, 3.5 million children are deprived of education and at least 1,000 schools have remained closed across the country. 

He said 6,000 school buildings will be built within the next two years. He added that $200 million has been allocated for this plan. 

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