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Dreaded Taliban commander killed in Ghazni province

14 Jul 2018 The Khaama Press News Agency

A prominent and dreaded commander of the Taliban group identified as Nawab Ahmad Haqqani has been killed in southeastern Ghazni province of Afghanistan.

The provincial security commandment in a statement said Nawab Ahmad Haqqani was one of the prominent commanders of the Taliban group who was actively involved in major terrorist related activities in Ghazni city.

The statement further added that Haqqani was killed during a clash with the security forces late on Thursday night.

According to Ghazni’s security commandment, several comrades of Haqqani were also killed during the clash that took place Qalai Qazi area of Ghazni city.

Nawab Ahmad Haqqani was conducting attacks against the government and security forces as well as ordinary people.

The statement by the provincial security commandment also added that Nawab Ahmad Haqqani had assassinated a commander of the Afghan Special Forces in Ghazni city few days earlier.

The local security officials are optimistic that the elimination of Nawab Ahmad Haqqani would have a positive impact on the security of the province.

Nawab Ahmad Haqqani was the brother of another senior Taliban commander identified as Abu Bakar, the provincial security commandment said, adding that the security forces did not suffer any casualties during the clash that resulted into the killing of the dreaded Taliban commander.

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