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The first standard design for slaughterhouse to inaugurate till upcoming month

16 Jul 2018 Government Media and Information Center

Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock is claimed strongly to establish slaughterhouse with standard design in Rishkhor, PD7 with cost of 6 USD million. The slaughterhouse will be inaugurated till one month.  The MAIL claims to resume implementation of projects which have been stuck already.Nasir Ahmad Duranni said:  The MAIL has committed to establish five standardized slaughterhouses already,  but the projects postponed. The projects resume sine new leadership of MAIL and will establish the first slaughterhouse in Rishkhor on one month, and the four rests of slaughterhouses would be established during upcoming year in four provinces. The Rishkhor slaughterhouse will design with standard criteria and facilitate Halal, fresh and healthy meat for Kabul residents. The slaughterhouse designed at 25 hector land for capacity to slaughter 500 sheep and 100 caw at the same time.

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