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Dealing with Cases of violence against Journalists (AGO, Journalist Federation, CID/MOI) - Readout

07 Aug 2018 Government Media and Information Center

Hujatullah Mujadidi: "Attorney General's Office takes effective measures in cases of threats against journalists.""It is unprecedented in the world that a vice president assumes the responsibility of the committee that addresses the complaints and challenges of the journalists."He added that the latest report from the IDLG shows that 223 sessions have been held in provinces to solve the problems of journalists and local administrations which is good news for the journalists.He emphasized that more than 38 cases have been minor complaints that the person who complaint did not show interest to follow the case. And 15 cases have been terminated because no criminal case could be filed due to no evidence and 11 of the serious cases are processing now from the latest cases. And also 18 cases of threats against journalists have been resolved from the latest casesM. Farid Afzali, CID/MOI; from the 170 cases detected 69 persons have been arrested from the previous cases.AGO is committed to seriously investigate cases of violence against journalists across Afghanistan.###

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