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Mattis: Taliban Under Increasing Pressure to Reconcile

08 Aug 2018 The Killid Group

The South Asia Strategy -now almost a year old is working, U.S. Defense Secretary James N. Mattis told reporters at the Pentagon today.

The secretary spoke before welcoming British Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson to the Pentagon for discussions.

The strategy looks at coalition efforts in Afghanistan in a regional way, because many of the threats in the area are transnational.

The strategy also called on the United States to realign its forces in Afghanistan to support the train, advise and assist mission with Afghan security forces and to accompany them on selected operations.

But the reconciliation portion of the strategy is the most important pillar, Mattis told reporters, noting that through history, these conflicts and situations are solved via reconciliation. He cited the experiences in Northern Ireland and South Africa as examples.

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