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President Ghani Orders Investigation Into All MoI Contracts

08 Aug 2018 National Radio TV of Afghanistan

Chaired by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, national procurement commission’s meeting was held Sunday evening at presidential palace. In the meeting, 16 contracts were reviewed and as a result 10 new projects worth 2.1 billion Afghanis were approved and as follows:

– Contract project of transferring 40,000 tons wheat from Torkham port to stores of 11 provinces and Selo-e-Markazi of MAIL;

– Contract project of Hejrat Kelai – Jalalabad road with length of 12.509km;

– Contract project of second part of Spin Boldak’s Shurabak road;

– Contract project of Padola road with total length of 2.760 km and width of 30m;

– Procurement contract of meat (lamb and beef) for police hqs of 202ndShamshad zone;

– Procurement of 15 food staples of MoE for school hostels in capital and provinces;

– Contract project of repairing and insulation reservoirs of Badakhshan’s Khash district;

– Contract project of repairs of Salang highway from Chokak village – Pul-e-Freshtagan with total length of 23.930km in Baghlan;

– Contract survey project of extension of optic fiber of Wakhan Corridor (from Broghil – China border) based on government to government contract;

– And contract of construction project of four schools by using of prefabricated tools.

Besides, NPC approved suggesting plan of modifying construction contract of Kajaki’s second phase.

While reviewing procurement contract of lamb meat and beef needed by MoI, President Ghani stressed that the ministry’s all contracts should be reviewed and list of all contractors with their addresses in provinces should be shared with presidential office. The country’s President added that governors and police chiefs of provinces should monitor the contracts and contractors, instructing security forces to take legal action against violated contractors based on survey findings. Meanwhile, President Ghani while discussing procurement project of 15 staple of food for school hostels in capital and provinces stressed on overall monitoring of the respective project so that sufficient food would be provided to students and in case that contractors violated what written in the contract should be punished.

National procurement commission also approved contract for construction project of Khwaja Bahauddin district’s road up to Takhar’s Yangi Qala with total length of 28.615km of Kokcha’s second part suggested by ministry of public works. Discussing the respective project, the country’s President instructed ministry of public works to ease competitions in contracts, adding small and middle domestic companies should be supported, stressing that the companies should be asked to work on their professional capabilities to implement big projects in the country.

President Ghani also stressed on serious monitoring and overseeing construction work of roads, saying that roads should be constructed with necessary standards to prevent from early destruction. According to ARG Palace, representatives from the parliamentary commissions for budgetary and financial affairs, national economic commissions, Integrity watch Afghanistan, SIGAR, and Resolute Support were also participated in the meeting.

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