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Presidential Decree On Prevention of Interferences During Elections

08 Aug 2018 National Radio TV of Afghanistan

Based upon the item 1st of article 10th of elections law, considering the national unity government’s policy and to protect impartiality of the government entities’ staff, in-charges and officials, to ensure security of elections, prevent misuse and disorder during elections and prepare the ground for active and effective partaking of voters during this national key process, following points have been approved:

Article One:

1.  Government civil, military and security organizations’ employees, in-charges and officials, national assembly members, Supreme Court in-charges and judges are obliged to avoid meddling in parliamentary and districts councils’ elections.

2. Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) are not allowed to recklessly enter voter registration, voting an vote counting centers and if needed, they should be authorized by relevant in-charges.

3. Weapons are strictly prohibited to be taken to voter registration, voting and vote counting centers.

Article Two:

1. ANDSF are obliged to ensure security of Independent Elections Commission (IEC) and Electoral Complaints Commission (ECC) employees, voter registration, voting and vote counting centers.

2. ANDSF are obliged to play role in accordance with the points mentioned in item (1) and observe human dignity and legal rights of the Independent Elections Commission and Eolectoral Complaints Commission staff, voters’ observers and mass media.

3. ANDSF are obliged to seriously prevent entrance of government organizations’ employees and irresponsible armed individuals to voter registration, voting and vote counting centers.

4. Government organizations’ employees, in-charges and officials cannot use government belongings during elections whether in the benefit or against one or several candidates.

5. The minister of interior is obliged to assign a number of female police in voting centers to enhance women partnership in elections and ensure their safety.

Article Three:

1. IEC and ECC should inform relevant organs on occurring any types of interferences by the government employees, in-charges and officials in election process.

2. ANDSF are obliged to introduce the violators of this decree to justice and judicial organs.

Article Four:

Head of elections’ working and consultative committee is obliged to present a report on implementation of the mentioned articles to the presidential office.

Mohammad Ashraf Ghani President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

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