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Revenues to Multiply after Afghanistan got the Control and Management of its Airspace

11 Aug 2018 Government Media and Information Center

Kabul, Afghanistan: Mr. Mahmood Shah Habibi the Director of Civil Aviation Authority of Afghanistan said that controlling Afghanistan’s airspace and airports which was one of NUG’s commitments have been implemented. Appearing in a press conference today at Government Media and Information Center (GMIC) Mahmood Shah Habibi said: “Though the responsibility of controlling Afghanistan’s airspace was given to Afghanistan’s government by NATO and American experts after September 2015, but due the extension of the practical and theoretical trainings period by internal experts, the country’s airspace was controlled with the assistant of foreign experts till few days ago.The director of Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority (ACAA) added: now the country’s airspace and airports are controlled and managed totally by the internal experts (Afghans). This system consists of a network established in 36 areas throughout Afghanistan and all the flights are controlled through a center at Hamid Karzai's International airport which means now all airplanes crossing Afghanistan airspace are shown on Radar. Habibi also said: the fee for each flight crossing Afghanistan’s airspace was $500 USD before, but after the August of last year it has increased to $ 750 USD. He added our revenues reach AFG 6 Billion in the compare to past and the revenue will increase by several in the coming years.By transferring full responsibility of controlling the airspace system of the country to Afghanistan government, the services cost paid for the air services reduces, the service quality increases, and the costs of managing this system will fundamentally reduce.On Thursday, H.E President of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani launched the advanced airspace control system at Hamid Karzai’s airport. President said that an independent airspace system was one of the major goals of NUG, which is successfully achieved. ####

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