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Second night of anti-government demonstrations in Bucharest

12 Aug 2018 euronews

Expatriates visiting home like Corina from Germany were among those who joined the crowd: "We need a change. we need to change the politicians," she said. "We need to change the government, because all of them are incapable to do something for us. They're only thinking of themselves. We will not give up, we'll not give up until something is gonna change, until they leave us, until they give us the chance for a better life"After Friday’s violent clashes in which 450 people were injured, singer and actor Tudor Chirila said the right to demonstrate had to be defended. "I'm here tonight because I don't want the fear to prevail in the romanian society. This is the last thing we have: protesting freely," he said. Luke from Holland and came to Bucharest with his Romanian wife. "You have to keep on pushing and let the rest of the world know what's happening in here, because this government is completely corrupted," he said "That's what everybody knows by now." The Social Democrats have rejected calls for a snap election, saying street demonstrations should not be allowed to overthrow a democratically elected government.

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