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With airspace control, aviation revenues to hike

12 Aug 2018 Afghanistan Times

AT News Report-KABUL: Kabul Airport is set to generate more revenues as surveillance costs have lowered thanks to a new air space control system, Civil Aviation Directorate said Saturday.

A modern air space control system was inaugurated by President Ghani on Thursday in Hamid Karzai international airport.

Civil Aviation Director Mahmood Shah Habibi said that transitioning of control of Afghanistan’s air space to the Afghanistan civil aviation authority was a great step that would help with an increase in revenues.

He said that by independently controlling of air space, costs which paid for air serving will decrease as well as serving will be improved.

He said that currently Afghanistan air spaces are under control of Afghans.

The air space system network has be installed in 36 points across the country, which all flights in the space of Afghanistan are controlling through the central office located in Hamid Karzai international air ports , he added.

He said that earlier each flight crossing Afghanistan space charged $500, but since August 2017 it increased to $750.

He elaborated that income through flights crossing Afghanistan air space increased to 6 billion afghanis last year.

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