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Ex-NDS Chief Criticizes Security Agencies Over Ghazni War

12 Aug 2018 Tolo News

Former head of the National Directorate of Security Assadullah Khalid on Saturday said the main reason behind the fall of some parts of Ghazni City to militants is the inattention of security agencies’ leadership towards stability in Ghazni province. 

Khalid said the main reason that parts of the provincial capital of Ghazni province have fallen to the Taliban is rooted in negligence of heads of security departments in ensuring people’s safety. 

“We reject government officials’ claims. The situation is not what they say. Taliban (militants) are inside the city. The city is burning and the martyrs’ bodies are on the streets. From yesterday and before that we contacted officials to address the situation, but no one is listening,” said Khalid. 

Taliban launched group attacks on Ghazni City at midnight on last Thursday. This is the third provincial capital that parts of it fallsto Taliban under the National Unity Government since 2014.

A number of MPs and provincial council members from Ghazni said the province faced threats for months, but according to them,government did not pay attention to the matter. 

“Although Ghazni MPs repeatedly warned over security threats, but poor management of provincial officials and negligence of security leaders in the central government have caused Ghazni to witness heavy offensives from the enemy which has claimed lives of soldiers and has destroyed the city,” MP Abdul Qayyum Sajjadi said. 

“As per my information, clashes are ongoing near Ghazni’s prison, cinema and Qarabagh areas which connect Kabul with Kandahar,” member of the provincial council Hamidullah Nawroz said.

A number of former military officers commenting on the ongoing war in Ghazni also blamed security officials over poor war management. 

“If government had the will, it could target the Taliban in security belts outside the city before they launch their attack,” Jawed Kohistani, a former military officer said. 

Afghanistan’s Interior Ministry meanwhile confirmed that they knew about the security threats against Ghazni City. 

“There were threats against Ghazni and we always tried to address them. A high-level delegation visited the province and assessed the problems. We had our plans, but the enemy attacked unexpectedly on these areas and unfortunately yesterday they entered to those regions,” Interior Ministry’s spokesman Najib Danish said. 

“Commandos, the Air Force, police and the National Directorate of Security operatives and ground units in cooperation with each other have pushed the enemy out of the city. The enemy has suffered high casualties and now the city is secure,” the DefenseMinistry spokesman Mohammad Radmanish said. 

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