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Security situation to improve in Ghazni within few days

12 Aug 2018 Government Media and Information Center

Kabul, Afghanistan –  There will be positive changes in the security situation on Ghazni soon.  Briefing the media outlets around security situation in Ghazni, Chief of General Staff General Mohammad Sharif Yaftali said: the security situation will change in Ghazni and highway #1 will open, in two days.He said the reason for the slow ANDSF operations to suppress the terrorists in Ghazni id due to preventing civilian casualties and financial losses to the residents of the province. He said Taliban and terrorists massed from Helmand, Zabul, Paktia and Paktika provinces to attack Ghazni. ANDSF is fighting more than 20 terrorists groups. Chief of General Staff said that ANDSF have the capability to defend Ghazni and their priority is clearance of the city from the presence of Taliban and foreign terrorists, reopening the highway #1 and securing Ghazni city. He said all strategic areas such as governor’s office, provincial Chief of Police, jail, NDS provincial office, ANA bases in Ghazni and other key areas, are in the hands of government, right now.General Yaftali added that Taliban have destroyed public institutions in Ghazni, and have burned up a large mall in the city. Chief of General Staff assured the citizens of Ghazni that ANDSF will stand with them protecting their lives and properties and will not allow terrorists to harm them. He said ANDSF is capable enough to hold their bases and protect Ghazni. 

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