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Ghazni to be cleared of enemy presence soon

13 Aug 2018 Government Media and Information Center

GMIC: Kabul, Afghanistan – Chief of General Staff, MoI deputy minister and NDS Deputy director, are in Ghazni now leading the war against the Taliban.  In a joint press conference held at GMIC, Lt. General Tariq Shah Bahrami, Minister of Defense and Minster of Interior Affairs Wais Ahmad Barmak, briefed the media on the situation in Ghazni city and said: according to latest information, planning for clearance operation has been completed, and comprehensive operation have been launched from four fronts today, with participation of ANA, ANP, NDS and commando units, aimed at suppressing the enemy and clearance of Ghazni city. Bahrami added that additional troops and reinforcements including ANA, ANP and NDS have been deployed to Ghazni this morning, for the clearance of Ghazni city, securing the highway, and inflicting heavy casualties to the terrorists. Minister of Defense stressed that with the measures taken, positive changes will come in security situation of Ghazni city within 24 hours. Wais Ahmad Barmak, Minister of Interior Affairs said that during the clearance operation which started this morning, PD 1 is cleared; the prison, Bala Hesar area and vicinity of police HQ  is under government control and operation is ongoing intensely. Minsters of Defense and Interior Affairs assured that people of Ghazni that ANDSF will stand with the population defending them against terrorist and will soon defeat the enemy.

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