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Taliban Captures Army Base in Faryab

14 Aug 2018 The Killid Group

Taliban fighters have captured a National Army operations base in northern Faryab province, killing more than ten soldiers, local officials confirmed.

Defense Ministry spokesman Ghafor Ahmad Jawed said Taliban fighters gained control of the base in the Ghormach district of Faryab late on August 13.

An army spokesman, Mohammad Hanif Rezaee, said 100 Afghan soldiers were at the base, known as Camp Chinaya, when the Taliban began their assault against it on August 12.

“It is a tragedy that the base fell to the enemy,” Rezaee said. “Some soldiers were killed, some captured, and some fled to nearby hills.”

The fall of the base in Ghormach district came with security forces who stretched by the days of fighting in Ghazni, a strategic provincial capital two hours from Kabul.

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