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Supporters of Disqualified Election Candidate Block Kabul-Balkh Highway

15 Aug 2018 The Killid Group

Supporters of Assadullah Sharifi, a disqualified parliamentary candidate, on Tuesday blocked the Kabul-Balkh highway in protest against the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) to disqualify Sharifi.

Asadullah Sharifi from Balkh province was among 35 others who have been removed from the final list of candidates in the upcoming parliamentary election two days.

The protesters call on responsible institutions to rewrite the name of Sharifi as a candidate in the final list of electoral candidates in the parliamentary election.

They warned to close the Hayratan Port, the election commission office in Balkh and cut the power line of Kabul in Kholm district.

In the meantime, Sharifi the disqualified candidate claims that he has been removed from the list due to the ongoing political games between the Presidential Palace and Sipidar Palace.

He urged the government to form a special commission to evaluate the cases of removed candidates and investigate their claims.

This comes a day after dozens of supporters of six disqualified candidates launched protest action outside the head office of the Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan (IEC) in Kabul to protest the decision against them.

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