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MoD Press Conference Executive Summary 10 September 2018

10 Sep 2018 Government Media and Information Center

Speaker: MoD Spokesperson Ghafoor Jawid
Mr. Jawid started his press briefing emphasizing on security of parliamentary elections and ANDSF ongoing Operations, saying that “ANDSF has launched comprehensive operations to pave the way for Afghans to participate in the parliamentary and district councils’ elections in a sound and safe environment.”
He added that “conflicts are ongoing in number of provinces, the Taliban and other terrorist groups are trying to challenge the election process and create fear and concerns among Afghanistan people.”
He stressed on ANDSF capabilities and said: “our forces are more capable than ever before and they have inflicted heavy causalities to the enemy. We can go after enemies anywhere in the country.”
Further Jawid added that: “Taliban shadow district governor in Burka district of Baghlan province along with his eight militants was killed as result of air strikes carried by Afghan Air Forces (AAF).
We assure the people of Afghanistan that ANDSF stands with them, protecting them and providing with safe living environment to them, Jawid said.

Q/A Session
Q. it is said that check posts and bases have fallen and destroyed by enemy in Baghlan provinces, what is your view?
In Baghlan, it should be clear that ANDSF checkposts or bases have never fallen to the enemy. Sometimes due to pressure, and for better responding and fighting against enemy, there is tactical withdrawal; but it doesn’t mean that base is fallen to the enemy. Afghan Air Forces carried out air strikes in Baghlan provinces, inflicted heavy causalities to enemy and Mula Saifuddin the Taliban shadow district governor in Burka district was killed along his eight militant. The situation is under control of ANDSF.
Q. What do you say about reports that numbers of checkposts have fallen to enemy in Sar-e Pul province, and residents are concerned that the city may fall to Taliban?
A. in Sarepul, our forces have withdrawn from their checkposts and it doesn’t mean fall to enemy. Additional reinforcement from Jauzjan have reached there, and with all strength the situation is under control.
Q. How is the situation in Daimerdad district? What the number of ANDSF causalities?
A. In Daimerdad, we have causalities, figures will be shared later. Ground forces have been deployed and they have the support of air forces. As result of our air strikes 54 Taliban fighters were killed.
Taliban and other terrorist groups can’t make any problems, the only thing they do is to fear and concerns among the people, and thus they attack some bases and checkposts, but ANDSF have more capabilities then ever before and have strongly responded to the enemy’s attack.

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