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Paris stabbing suspect is a homeless crack addict illegal migrant

11 Sep 2018 Daily Mail Online

A homeless crack cocaine addict calling himself Shafiullah Mir Zaman Noorzada carried out the savage Paris stabbings in which two Britons were seriously wounded, it emerged today.

Papers carried by the 31-year-old Afghan claim he was born in a village called Sarachali-Khan, close to the Pakistan border, and entered France within the last year without authority.

On Sunday night he used a 15-inch kitchen knife and an iron bar to attack seven strangers beside a canal in the north of the French capital. 

A person holding a mobile phone shows a video of what he claims to be the perpetrator of the knife attack in Paris. An investigating source has named him as Shafiullah Mir Zaman Noorzada, an illegal migrant from Afghanistan

Noorzada was known as a crack-smoking vagrant who suffered from mental health issues before the attack on Sunday (pictured, police lead the stabbing suspect away) 

Seven people were wounded during the attack including two Britons aged 56 and 53 who remain in hospital alongside a 24-year-old who was stabbed in the head 

Three remained in hospital on Tuesday morning, two described as being 'in a very serious condition', and the other 'critical'.

They include two Britons, aged 56 and 53, who Noorzada used as 'human shields' against petanque players who were throwing metal boules at his head.

A 24-year-old Egyptian visitor who was stabbed in the skull has life-threatening injuries, and is in intensive care, said a source close to the enquiry. 

None of the victims have yet been named publicly.


The source said that Noorzada's documents have not been verified, and that he might have travelled using other identities, including that of a minor.

In recent weeks he had become known as a 'homeless crack cocaine addict' in Paris's 19th arrondissement – an area notorious for down and outs using heroin and other hard drugs.

'He has mental problems, and relied on cocaine he could smoke,' said the source. 'He had not been in trouble with the police before, but had been acting erratically.

'At present he denies all knowledge of what happened on Sunday, saying he can't remember where he was or what he was doing.' 

Toxicology tests have since established that Noorzada was not on drugs at the time of the attack.

Police investigators work at the scene after seven people were wounded in a knife attack in Paris on Sunday evening which officials said was unlikely to be linked to terrorism

French police officers at the scene where a man attacked and injured people in the streets

A map shows the location of the attack in Paris where a man with a knife injured seven people

Police secure the area after seven people were wounded in a knife attack in downtown Paris

It took place just before 11pm on Sunday, on the Loire Quay, by the Villette Canal Basin, on a particularly warm evening.

Examining judges have opened an enquiry for multiple acts of attempted murder, meaning Noorzada will be placed in prison on remand once he leaves hospital.

The stabbings came in the wake of a series of similar crimes carried out by terrorists affiliated to Islamic State.

Despite this, terrorism has been ruled out in the Noorsada case, with violence caused by drug use currently seen as the motive.

In August, Islamic State claimed responsibility after a 36-year-old man with mental health problems stabbed his mother and sister to death in the Paris suburb of Trappes before he was himself shot dead by police.

An Egyptian national on a tourist visa was shot by soldiers at the Paris Louvre museum after rushing a patrol with a machete in February 2017. He too was linked to Isis, and remains in custody.  

A British foreign office spokesman confirmed that 'two Britons were among the people targeted' in an areas close to the Gare du Nord, the Eurostar rail hub where high speed trains travel to London.

It is well known for its immigrant communities, many of them Afghan, sleeping rough as they try to get to the UK to claim asylum.

Some are minors travelling alone, although adults have been known to pose as children in the hope of getting priority treatment by the authorities.

A security guard at one of two cinemas on either side of the Canal de l'Ourcq said he saw a man who had already assaulted people being chased by two other men who tried to stop him. 

Police investigators work on the scene after seven people were wounded in the knife attack

Police investigators work on the scene after seven people were wounded in the knife attack

A French police officer speaks to a man at the scene where a man attacked and injured people

A Paris police officer and vehicle at the scene where a man injured seven people on Sunday 

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