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Two U.S Air Strikes Kill 30 Taliban Fighters in Ghazni

13 Sep 2018 Rasad News Agency

Ghazni: The coalition forces in Afghanistan have released a new video of airstrikes on Taliban militants in southeastern Ghazni province of Afghanistan.NATO said in a statement.

US Forces in Afghanistan conducted two kinetic strikes against Taliban leaders and fighters assembled at adjacent compounds in Nawah district, Ghazni province September 10,” the release said. “The double-structure strike resulted in 30 Taliban killed.”

According to reports, the attack on Ghazni city inflicted heavy casualties on civilians besides the Taliban militants and security personnel also sustained heavy casualties during the clashes.

The officials, cited by the Associated Press, recalled the first meeting with Alice Wells, Washington’s top representative to the region, saying that the sides agreed to meet again in September.

The NATO’s mission in Afghanistan was launched in 2015. It includes over 13,000 servicemen who are providing training and advice to the Afghan security personnel in their fight against terrorism, particularly against the Taliban group.

Earlier, Taliban fighters launched a coordinated attack on the provincial capital of Ghazni province earlier last month that lasted for several days.

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