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Afghanistan's president says country close to peace

13 Sep 2018 1TV News

2018-09-13 | 2 minute ago

Afghanistan's President Ashraf Ghani said on Thursday that his country is close to peace with the Taliban.

Ghani was addressing a ceremony in his presidential palace to celebrate Martyrs’ Week.

The president said that there was unprecedented pressure on the terrorist groups and their supporters.

Addressing critics of the government’s efforts to open dialogue with the Taliban, Ghani suggested that there is no alternative to peace.

“Would you ask the world to send troops,” Ghani said.

The president also suggested Afghanistan cannot remain dependent on foreign donors forever.

“If we expect the foreigners to rescue us from hunger and poverty, we have forgotten our responsibility,” Ghani said.

The president also used the event to criticize celebratory shots fired in Kabul on Sunday to celebrate late anti-Soviet commander Ahmad Shah Massoud, saying they disturbed people and were disrespect to martyrs.

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