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Latif Nangarhari

16 Sep 2018 National Radio TV of Afghanistan

Latif Nangarhari (Pashto: لطیف ننګرهاری, b. 1980-1981) is a well known Afghan singer. He sings in the Pashto language (although has one Dari (Persian) song). He is an ethnic Pashtun born in Jalalabad in Nangarhar Province (a reference from his surname), and has lived in London, England since 2001.[1]

Latif’s first songs were released in 2008, with his first and so far only album, Rasha Gule, consisting of 10 songs, in 2009. He quickly became popular, especially because many of his songs are based on poetry and about peace in Afghanistan. Since then he has released many singles to this day.

Latif has performed concerts throughout Australia, Europe, Russia, and the Middle East.

Rasha Gule album[edit]

1. Rasha Gule Rasha

2. Che Bangro

3. Sta Judaye

4. De London Musafer

5. Kabul Jan

6. Nana Warokai

7. Afghanistan

8. Wale Maien Shaway

9. Yara Sta

10. Rasha Gule Rasha II


Afghanistan De Wranawalo Nadai



Shirin Afghanistan

Zolfi De Maran De


Sta Stergo Deewana Kerem


Wade Kawo

Shar E Faryad

Da Afghan Bacho Maktab

Za Afghan Yem

Da Stergi De Biya Dasi Laki Dary

Ta raghely Pa Zuani

Zama jan jan watana afghan watana

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