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Restriction on Iranian imports annoy traders

16 Sep 2018 Salam Watandar

FARAH CITY (SW) - The restriction on imports of a variety of goods from Iran has irked traders in Farah province.

Restrictions on Iranian goods such as petroleum products, black cement, iron and tiles led the traders and residents of Farah province to demonstrate. The demonstrators warned they will close the main highway in the province.

Shah Mahmoud Naimi, a member of provincial council, called the restrictions as unfair. He said the government should detain corrupted people instead of putting restriction on imports.

Meanwhile, Nasir Mehri, spokesperson for Farah governor, said the restriction on a number of products are in line with the directives of the Kabul government. He said the local administration will convey the protesters’ concerns to the government.

The presidential palace has ordered the local administrations to restrict import of certain products from Iran.


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