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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has a camera problem

18 Sep 2018 Rasad News Agency

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is reported have some camera software issues that can cause application freeze   between shots.

In his review for, Evan Spence wrote that the fault has also been noticed by Alexander Maxham, Android Headlines writer.

Quoting Maxham, he wrote “There is a fix out there that has been working for some people, but not everyone.

A factory reset has worked for some users, but others are still reporting issues with the camera after doing a factory reset.

So it’s worth a try, but it may not work for everyone experiencing this issue.”

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is an Android phablet smartphone that was unveiled on 9 August 2018.

There users in Afghanistan have not reported the issue.  The device is priced over $1200 in the country.


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