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NGOs spent $884 million last year

19 Sep 2018 Government Media and Information Center

Kabul, Afghanistan – Today, Ministry of Economy launched the annual report of NGOs in Government Media and Information Center.

Dr. Mustafa Mastoor, Afghan Minister of Economy, said that the aim of this report was to creating transparency and accountability of NGOs in the country, based on which the government will decide on the activities of NGOs in the future.

According to Minister of Economy, in year 1396, the total number of NGOs registered in the ministry reached 2399, of which 288 were foreign NGOs.

"533 NGOs were dissolved due to not reporting in accordance with law or inactivity," the minister said.

"NGOs will spend their budget according to the priorities of the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in the future" the minister added.

NGOs spent $ 884 million last year, $ 591 million by foreign NGOs, and $ 293 million by local NGOs.

According to the report, employment in NGOs has increased by 7% over the past two years, reaching 84.000, including 24.000 women.

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