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'Snapchat queen' from London who had boyfriend killed is jailed

21 Sep 2018 Daily Mail Online

Fatima Khan, 20, posted a video of her boyfriend dying in a pool of blood

A self-styled 'Snapchat Queen' who had her boyfriend killed then posted a video of him bleeding to death was jailed for 14 years today.

Fatima Khan, 21, captioned the clip of 18-year-old Khalid Safi as he lay dying with the warning: 'That's what happens when you f*** with me.'

Khan was obsessed with showing off to her online friends. In the days leading up to Mr Safi's death she posted stories bragging about her luxury holiday in Qatar for her pals while humiliating Mr Safi by ignoring his messages and branding him a 'lowlife'.

The office worker recruited 19-year-old Raza Khan, a rival for her affections, to attack Mr Safi outside a Costa coffee shop in North Acton, West London.

She stalled for time by locking herself in the cafe toilet to ensure the victim remained at the scene until the killer arrived.

Fatima Khan sat puffing on a cigarette as Raza Khan arrived and scurried off as feathers from Mr Safi's shredded puffa jacket billowed through the air. 

The office worker recruited 19-year-old Raza Khan (left), a rival for her affections, to attack Khalid Safi (right) outside a Costa coffee shop in North Acton, West London

She returned to the scene armed with her phone to film the besotted teenager bleeding to death from a knife wound to the heart.

Mr Safi was a refugee from Afghanistan who spent time in the Calais 'Jungle' before settling in the UK five years ago.


Khan denied planning the attack and claimed that she made the 'disgusting' decision to film Mr Safi dying because he had previously beaten her up.

She was cleared of murder but convicted of manslaughter at the Old Bailey after a trial in July and today jailed for 14 years.

Fatima Khan had been in a relationship with Mr Safi for around two years before his death 

Judge Michael Topolski QC told her: 'After the attack your disrespect of Khalid reached new and inhuman depths when in an act of grotesque contempt you calmly walked towards him as he lay dying.

'You filmed him in the process of dying and then took a still picture of him, all of which you sent with that chilling message to all of your Snapchat friends.

'It is hard to imagine how anyone could think in such a cold, callous and despicable way. I am saddened to say that I find you someone who is capable of being thoroughly dishonest and highly manipulative.'

Raza Khan is still wanted by police. A £5,000 reward for information on his whereabouts is being offered by the independent charity Crimestoppers.

The court heard Fatima Khan had been in a relationship with Mr Safi for around two years before his death.

She had also gone out with the killer in around 2013 and a fight between the two men ended with Raza Khan stabbing Mr Safi in the shoulder.

Prosecutor Kate Bex QC said the relationship between Fatima Khan and Mr Safi was 'clearly coming to a head' in the week before murder.

Fatima Khan is pictured on Snapchat before inciting the confrontation (left), and this (right) is an image of the victim at the scene loaded onto Snapchat by Fatima Khan before the attack

Mr Safi bought her a watch as a present but when he turned up at her home, she threw the gift at him out of the window.

'She was very angry he had turned up at her house, her family home, because her family did not know she was seeing him and she did not want them to see him outside,' said Ms Bex.

On December 1, last year Fatima Khan met up with Mr Safi after finishing work at Vigilant Security at around 5pm.

The pair were captured on CCTV walking around the North Acton area, at one point entering a gym before heading to a pedestrian area outside a Costa Coffee.

A video recorded on her phone during their journey showed Fatima Khan calling Mr Safi a lowlife and telling him to stop crying.

While some onlookers described Mr Safi as seeming 'happy and smiley' outside the coffee shop, others said there was a 'weird' atmosphere.

She spent seven minutes on the phone to a friend while locked in the coffee shop toilet as Mr Safi waited outside.

Detectives believe she was giving Raza Khan enough time to get to the scene.

When Raza Khan arrived at around 6.30pm, he seemed to 'know exactly where he was going' and confronted Mr Safi, who was armed with a screwdriver.

CCTV cameras captured the pair fighting for around 15 seconds before Mr Safi collapsed with a fatal stab wound to the heart.

A mobile phone grab of the victim, laying on the ground. Khan later posted this on Snapchat

Fatima Khan made no efforts to help her partner either during or after the attack.

'Instead, she returned to the scene after Raza Khan had inflicted the fatal wound and videoed Khalid Safi as he lay dying in a pool of his blood on the pavement,' said Ms Bex.

'She then posted it on Snapchat with a caption 'That's what happens when you f*** with me'.'

Phone records showed she was on the phone to Raza Khan as he fled the scene.

Fatima Khan was also heard calling a friend to pick her up, saying: 'Where the f**k are you? You need to hurry the f**k up. Everything's got f**ked.'

Fatima Khan told jurors that she had asked Raza Khan for a loan of a few hundred pounds because she was overdrawn at the bank.

She said she panicked when Raza Khan arrived and the fight started and walked off.

Asked why she filmed Mr Safi bleeding on the ground, she said: 'It is so shameful. It's disgusting. It wasn't even directed at Khalid – the message wasn't for him.

'I was just tired of it, getting assaulted before and him punching me again. I just wrote that so that people didn't try to assault me or harass me.'

Her barrister Kerim Fuad, QC, told the court: 'She may be Ilford's Snapchat Queen. I do not say that to make light of it, but she is another example of a youngster who seems to live her life through the prism of Snapchat.

'You may think she sees more of life through her phone than with her eyes.'

The QC said: 'Her pathological obsession, her deeply unhealthy, all consuming relationship with her mobile phone and the Snapchat app has been in many ways the author of her plight.

'It has become an increasingly worrying in today's society that these devices are taking such a disproportionately prominent role in the lives of today's young people.'

Khan, of Ilford, was convicted of manslaughter and jailed for 14 years.

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