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MoD /MOI Joint Presser 4 October, 2018 Readout

04 Oct 2018 Government Media and Information Center

•    Sayed Ghafor Ahmad Jawid, MoD Spokesperson
•    Nasrut Rahimi, MoI Deputy Spokesperson

Mr Jawid started his speech, announcing the transfer of all electoral materials to all provinces, saying that “all electoral materials have been sent to provinces across the country and all security sectors have cooperated with IEC and this is clear message to the people of Afghanistan, that we are committed to holding this national and democratic process in a safe atmosphere and our security and defense forces are capable to ensure the security of elections.
He highlighted MoD achievements in fighting corruption. “In past four years we had significant achievements in fighting corruption. APPS completed by 91% , 98 percent of MoD personnel have been included in biometric system and right now there no ghost soldiers in ministry of defense.
Further he added that with the reforms brought in procurement process within MoD, more than Afs 13.5 billion have been saved from embezzlement. Over the past four years, 280 individuals, including general officers and foot soldiers including some civilian personnel of MoD have been prosecuted on charges of corruption, bribery, and neglect of duty, Jawid said.  
Clearance and offensive operations of ANDSF across the country had significant achievements, in the past month. As result of ground and air operations, 318 Taliban were killed, 96 others wounded and 38 militants were arrested, 13 enemy hideouts and two narcotic factories were destroyed. As result of ground and air missions against ISIS-K, 51 DAESH fighters have been killed.
Rahimi said: MOI ordered all intelligence and security sectors to secure the democratic and national process of election as per the expectations of Afghans. We work together with MoD and NDS to take essential steps and ANDSF are on alert to secure the election.
In total 54 thousands security and defense forces have been assigned to ensure security of 5,100 polling centers which makes 21 thousands polling stations. All intelligence, ground and air forces are committed and responsible to pay their efforts for Election Day.   
It is worth mentioning that all intelligence and operative units received serious orders to protect security of candidates of elections. We therefore strongly urge all candidates to cooperate and inform ANDSF of their events. ANDSF was not informed of the election campaign event in Nangarhar in which a terrorist attack happened this week.  
There has been a 36 percent increase in ANDSF offensive operations across Afghanistan which improved the security across Afghanistan in particular in Kabul city.  These operations also caused a decrease in ANDSF casualties.  

Several past elections have shown that in some places artificial conflicts had been imposed to stop people from voting rights, what do you have plan to prevent possible artificial conflicts?
Anyone who wants to endanger the lives of Afghans is the same as terrorists—will face serious reaction of ANDSF on Elections Day.
Do not worry about security situation. As Ashura day passed in safe and sound and security was taken very well, while people were concerned about security issues. We make sure that the Election Day will pass in good security. The enemy and the terrorist may try to challenge this process, but we all have the responsibility to use voting right. All security forces are committed to defend Election Day strongly.

Where these Daesh fighters were killed?
In Kunar, Khogyani and other districts of Nangarhar provinces.
Among the arrested MoD personnel, how many were Generals?
Over 20 Generals are included. Everyone equal before law. We are committed to seriously fight against corruption.
Is MoD the only sector responsible for transferring the electoral materials?
MoD and all other security sectors are responsible to deliver the materials on time, to the polling centers that IEC has given. we jointly work to hold this national and democratic process well.
Pakistan’s foreign ministry has said that terrorist have safe havens in Afghanistan, what is you response?
I just want to say, where Osama got killed? Where is Quetta Council?  We are victims of terrorism. Its clear crystal for the world and even for them [Pakistan]. Recently the Pakistan foreigner minister told Aljazeera that they support Taliban for our own goals. That’s a clear answer.
How many ghost soldiers are recognized?
The biometric process of ANA personnel finished by 98 percent and there is not any ghost soldier.
Yesterday, Afghan forces conducted air strikes on Taliban in Nangarhar, Taliban now claim that ANDSF have rescued Daesh members from us, what is your position?
ANDSF don’t know bad and good terrorists, terrorists are terrorists and they are against humanity. We firmly committed to suppress terrorists and those are against the people, stability and development of Afghanistan.  We therefore reject the allegation of Taliban that is baseless claim. Night before the strike, 19 Daesh members have been killed as result of air strike. ANDSF had killed the fourth leader of Daesh in Afghanistan.



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