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Teachers’ salaries to be paid through mobile

09 Oct 2018 Government Media and Information Center

Kabul, Afghanistan: Afghan Minister of Telecommunication and Technology Aryubi and Afghan Minister of Education Balkhi singed an memorandum of understanding which will facilitate payment for teachers through mobile.

" at the first stage it is planned to pay salaries of teachers and employees of the MoE in Kandahar, Parwan and Nagarhar. This process will then extend to all the country.” Said Minister Shahzad Aryubi.

Mirwais Balkhi acting minister MoE said , The purpose of this MOE is to prevent unauthorized payments, to removal of trustees from the salary system, to expedite payment of salaries, to ensure transparency, and to identify the exact number of teachers across Afghanistan.

Minister Balkhi als added that with the cooperation of MCIT, all teachers through this MoU will go through biometric system. The biometric registration of teachers and employees of the MoE will eliminate the possibility of ghost teachers in the ministry.


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