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NPC Approves Kabul-Road Project

10 Oct 2018 Wadsam Afghanistan Business News

Chaired by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the National Procurement Commission (NPC) approved 21 new contracts, including the construction of 7 kilometers road from Kabul to Logar province.

The Commission approved 21 new contracts having a total value of around 4.9 billion Afghanis.

The approved projects included:

Construction of Kabul-Logar road

Procurement of 10,000 tons of wheat seeds

Procurement of 9 various types of toilet equipment for the Ministry of Defense

Contract for the connection of VCN and TDF sites via NSS12 satellite related to the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications

Procurement of 15 various types of equipment for the workshop of the Ministry of Interior

Procurement of 13 various types of grains for the accounts department and detention facilities of the Ministry of Interior

The NPC rejected the contract for procurement of 4 types of meat for the VIP protection unit of the presidential palace.

The meeting approved the following modifications to contracts:

Construction of walls in 5,000 acres of land belonging to the Balkh customs department

Changes in the deposits for the non-consultative BPHS and EPHS health services by the Ministry of Public Health

Construction of hydropower system by the Ministry of Energy and Water in Poza Lich of Ghor province

Technical cooperation agreement with the UNESCO for the preservation and making of documentary on Mes Aynak

Construction of the 4th phase of road from Shorabak of Kanadhar to Spin Boldak district

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