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75 Armed Taliban Join Peace Process In Nangarhar

10 Oct 2018 Tolo News

Nangarhar provincial governor Hayatullah Hayat on Wednesday said that 75 armed Taliban insurgents joined the peace process in the province.


Hayat said that these armed Taliban were fighting against government forces in different parts of the Bati Kott district.


Hayat said that the group also handed over a hundred heavy and light weapons to government.


“We will use these Taliban in the security of the district and they will join other residents and security forces in fighting against the enemy,” said Hayat.


Meanwhile, Nangarhar security director Nazar Ali Wahidi called on the armed opposition to abandon the war based on the recent international Ulema declaration agreed on in Saudi Arabia and Indonesia and join the peace process. 


“Both Makkah and Madina Imams and three thousand Ulema of Kabul declared that war in Afghanistan is not right and there is no reason for the war in Afghanistan,” said Wahidi.


Taliban members who joined the peace process say that Pakistan supports the groups that fight against the Afghan government and that Pakistan’s intelligence agency equipped them.


“Pakistan was providing assistance and they (Pakistan)are helping and this is the program of ISI,” said Qari Zahir a Taliban fighter.


“Pakistan was providing us with weapons,” said Haqqani another Taliban member who joined the peace process.


This comes after a security institution recently claimed that Bati Kott district of Nangarhar had been cleared of insurgents, but the residents denied this and said the Taliban are active in some parts of the district.

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