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Political Parties Want Inclusive Negotiations Team

11 Oct 2018 Tolo News

In a meeting with members of the High Peace Council on Wednesday, political parties called for a comprehensive and inclusive team for peace negotiations.


Members of the former president Hamid Karzai’s cabinet, former Jihadi leaders and influential figures attended the “Consultation Meeting with the Political Leaders of the Country on the Peace Process”.  


Some members of the political parties and movements said government lacks a clear and specific plan for peace and that the plan should not be only Afghan-made but it should have input from countries in the region, in the world and it should include Taliban’s plan too.


The parties made some suggestions on a result-oriented peace talks:


“Lack of a clear plan in which the people of Afghanistan are included is the biggest challenge in the way of achieving peace in Afghanistan,” said Mohammad Yunus Qanuni, former vice president.


“We have been one step closer to peace because if we did not believe in this issue as a national matter, then the process would have been difficult,” said Sayed Hamid Gailani, leader of Mahaz-e-Milli party.


Some parties said they believe that efforts for peace have not achieved the required results.


“We started from a wrong point 17 years ago. That wrong point was that we expected Afghanistan’s enemy to cooperate with us over peace. From one side we deem someone as an enemy and from another side we ask that they cooperate with us so that peace comes to our country,” said Mohammad Umer Daudzai, a member of the leadership of the Council for Salvation of Afghanistan.


“I think it would be good if we mix the peace process with election,” said Anwarul Haq Ahadi, head of New National Front of Afghanistan.


Other members of the event criticized the sidelining of Russia, Iran and China in peace talks.


“To achieve the trust of the region and share the peace issue with them and involving them is an important and key matter,” said Abdul Karim Khurram, head of the office of the former president Hamid Karzai.


“Shortening the hand of so-called peace brokering organizations is in the interest of Afghanistan. They are weakening the democratic area or the Constitution area,” said Amrullah Saleh, former NDS chief.  


The High Peace Council said it is optimistic about Washington’s new efforts for peace.


“The other side is in favor of peace ... and are prepared that the peace process continues with a dignified mechanism,” said Mohammad Karim Khalili, Chairman of the High Peace Council.


This comes after US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad, who visited Kabul on Monday, asked the Taliban to form an authorized team of negotiators for peace talks.


He also called on the Afghan government to form its own team of inclusive and authorized representatives for the peace process.


Khalilzad made the call during a meeting in Kabul, which was attended by a select group of Afghan journalists.


On Tuesday, Khalilzad arrived in Islamabad for meetings with Pakistani officials.


According to the US embassy in Kabul, Khalilzad plans to return to Kabul for further consultations with Afghan leaders in the near future.


The Taliban has not yet responded to Khalilzad’s call regarding the formation of an authorized peace talks team.

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