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70,000 forces are assigned for security of polling stations and centers

20 Oct 2018 Government Media and Information Center

Kabul, Afghanistan: Spokespersons of MoI, MoD, MoWA, IDLG and MoE appeared in a press conference at GMIC and assured people about the security of polling centers and requested people to use from the right and cast their votes.
Najib Danesh, Spokesperson of MoI said that 4900 polling centers with more than 20,000 polling stations in 32 provinces of the country is open now with the exception of Kandahar and Ghazni, and 70,000 Afghan forces are assigned to ensure the security of Elections.
Meanwhile, Ministry of Defense spokesperson Said Ghafoor Ahmad Jawid assured security of elections and said the sensitive material of the election was handed over across the country.
This morning the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan casted his vote and started this national process.
In provinces, the governors and deputy governors have visited the polling centers in the early hours of the morning and have called on voters to cast their votes. Said Shah Saqim, IDLG spokesman said that currently voting is ongoing in 32 provinces of the country, and no problems have been reported yet.
The spokespersons from the Ministry of Women's Affairs and Ministry of Education also called on citizens, especially women, to use their voting rights at the polls.
Elections in Kandahar province have been delayed for a week, and soon the election date will be announced in Ghazni province.

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