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GNCA says its ticket for presidential election to include runners for prime minister, 3rd VP

08 Nov 2018 1TV News

به دری بخوانید2018-11-08 | 1 hour ago

The Grand National Coalition of Afghanistan said on Thursday it will soon unveil its single ticket for next year’s presidential election that will include also runners for prime minister and third vice president.

This comes as there is no post as prime minister or third VP in the current structure of the government. A post for Chief Executive with two deputies was created after a disputed presidential election in 2014.

Zia Massoud, the chief executive of GNCA, in a press conference said that the new posts will be created through a presidential order. The eight-member ticket will also include runner for prime minister’s third deputy.

Commenting on recent parliamentary election, Massoud said that the vote was not organized in proper manner, as he cited fraud, ‘massive corruption’, technical problems and incompetency among election officials.

As electoral bodies have said that it would validate ballots cast without biometric process, Massoud said that the coalition would not accept those.

He also warned that the coalition would not agree to current election officials holding presidential election if they fail to remove fraudulent votes from recent election.

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