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Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) has included 165 educational fields of study in the Revision Plan

05 Dec 2018 Government Media and Information Center

Kabul, Afghanistan – Considering the National Strategic Plan for Higher Education, MoHE has put efforts to develop and strengthen the education system of the country aiming to deliver quality education to the people of Afghanistan.

“MoHE has included 165 educational fields of study in the curriculum revision and development plan, of which Law and Agriculture are reviewed and 65 other clusters will be revised till the end of this year.” Spokesperson for MoHE, Faisal Amin said while briefing media outlets around ministry’s achievement in FY 1397.

He added that “the aim of curriculum revision is to improve the education quality, standardize the curriculum of higher education institutions according to requirements of the market and to help the graduates to get the right jobs.”

The MoHE also strives to ensure the fair distribution of scholarships and to increase transparency in this field.

Over 70% developmental budget of MoHE is spent transparently since the beginning of fiscal year 1397, and till the end of FY 1397, the percentage will increase up to 90 percent.

Considering positive discrimination, 6850 sets are allocated for female participant in the National Kankor Exam. Meanwhile, a comprehensive plan for appointing women in university leadership level is prepared and with its implementation the presence of women in the leadership level of higher education institutions will increase.

In the fiscal year 1397, the MOHE has included 17 public and private educational institutions in various stages of accreditation, 12 educational institutions have been studied comprehensively from various perspectives, and the evaluation process of 45 private medical institutions in the center and provinces has completed.
Around 1590 students have been sent to abroad for professional educations, 170 professors have completed their Masters Degrees within Afghanistan, 484 professors and staffs have been sent to pursue Masters Degrees and 38 others for PhD programs abroad.

Ministry of Higher Education has approved 22 night courses in higher education institutions and has established seven Master Degree programs in Herat, Kandahar and Kabul Universities.

Worth mentioning that with establishing a special committee, ministry’s action plan to fight corruption is prepared and implemented.

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