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Poland mayor in very serious condition after being stabbed on stage

13 Jan 2019 euronews

A mayor in Poland in a very serious condition after being stabbed while on stage at a charity event.

Pawel Adamowicz, who is the mayor of Gdansk, was attacked in the city during the finale of an event organised by the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.

Interior Minister Joachim Brudzinski said the 53-year-old was hospitalised in very serious condition.

He called the incident “an act of inexplicable barbarity.”

A suspect had been arrested, he added.

Polish broadcaster TVN reported the assailant shouted that he was imprisoned, despite being innocent under the government of the Civic Platform, a party to which the mayor previously belonged.

The mayor, who has held the position since 1998, is seen as progressive has and shown support for LGBT rights and tolerance for minorities.

President Andrzej Duda said that while he and the mayor have had political differences, “today I am unconditionally with him and his loved ones, just as — I hope — all of us compatriots are. I pray for his return to health and full strength.”

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