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Torsan Pledges To End Ongoing Conflict After Elections

14 Jan 2019 Tolo News

Presidential candidate Mohammad Hakim Torsan on Sunday said that if he succeeded in the elections, he will restore 30 percent peace in the country, before taking oath of office.

He said that incumbent president Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Officer Abddullah Abdullah would not have a role in his government, while expressing his hope over a victory.

"Nor do I have wealth, or (am I) supported by a foreign country," he said, adding that he decided to run as president with the support of the public.

“The people of Afghanistan know that, nor am I a land grabber, or involved in corruption or an agent of any country. The people have expressed their support in me, I am very grateful to the people. They provided me with 188,000 IDs,” said Torsan.

Torsan also leveled some serious allegations against certain political leaders and said that he will bring the conflict to an end in the country after winning the elections.

“Not at all, nor Mr Ghani, neither Mr Abdullah, I would not give them the job of a waiter. I want to tell you, I don’t accept Mr Ghani, nor his team and even the land grabbers. The corrupt elements...  leave the elections in my favor,” he said.

On the peace process he said: “We are in talks and consultations, some have shown readiness to surrender to me, it means that I am representing the people of Afghanistan.”

Meanwhile, a number of Torsan supporters have pledged to use all available sources to ensure that Torsan wins the next presidential elections.

“Tribe and language does not matter to him, only the country and the national interest are worthy to him,” said one of Torsan’s supporters, Baheer Amarkhel.

Torsan, 64, was born in Ashuqan-Arifan area of Kabul city. He obtained a Bachelor's degree from Kabul University and pursued education in the intelligence sector in Uzbekistan, Russia and Germany.  

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